Journal articlesHigh Impact Actions (HIAs) and tissue viability

High Impact Actions (HIAs) and tissue viability

01/03/10 | Service delivery | Caroline Dowsett

The vision for the NHS over the next five years is to go from good to great (Department of Health [DH], 2009). This five-year plan maps out the journey for improving the NHS and focuses on improving quality while improving productivity, using innovation and prevention to drive and connect them (QUIPP model; Farrar, 2009). This plan needs to be delivered within the current financial climate, where efficiency savings of £15–20 billion need to be identified. Services should therefore ensure that they are delivering high quality, safe and effective care that will be monitored against agreed quality indicators (Dowsett and White, 2010). This shift away from collecting numbers of contacts that say little about the quality of care, to an outcome-based quality focus is very welcome.