Journal articlesEvaluating Flexi-Seal FMS a faecal management system

Evaluating Flexi-Seal FMS a faecal management system

01/11/05 | Products, Skin integrity | Alison Johnstone

Background: Faecal incontinence can cause extensive damage to perineal/peri-anal skin resulting in excoriation and possibly tissue breakdown.

Aims: To evaluate the benefits of using Flexi-Seal® FMS, a new faecal management system, in patients with liquid or semi-liquid faecal incontinence. The main outcomes assessed were resolution of excoriation, patient comfort, and ease of application.

Methods: Results were collected using observation and verbal reporting by nursing staff and patients.

Results: The system was evaluated by three patients and was tolerated well with resolution of perineal dermatitis. None of the patients reported discomfort on insertion of the FMS, and all clinicians reported that the system was simple to use.

Conclusions: Although these findings are limited by the small cohort of patients involved, they suggest that in patients with liquid or semi-liquid faecal incontinence, Flexi-Seal® FMS may contribute to prevention of skin breakdown and/or improve dermatitis as part of a holistic care package.

Declaration of interest: ConvaTec supplied the Flexi-Seal® FMS for use in this evaluation.