Journal articlesEfficacy of medical-grade honey as an autolytic debridement agent

Efficacy of medical-grade honey as an autolytic debridement agent

01/03/13 | Education, Exudate Management, Products, Research | Julie Evans, Kirsty Mahoney

Background: The All Wales Tissue Viability Nurses Forum provides a platform for sharing information and experience, and fosters collaborative work between its members, healthcare organisations, communities, and individuals. The Forum worked with Welsh Health Supplies to produce an All-Wales Wound Management Contract, which includes a range of honey-based dressings. Aims: In order to gain clinical experience of honey, and to accessits effectiveness as a wound debriding agent, the Forum evaluated a case series of honey dressings. Methods: Patients with chronic wounds that contained slough and/or necrotic tissue in which honey dressings were being used were recruited on three consecutive dressing changes. Results: Honey dressings in this case study achieved partial or total autolytic debridement in the majority of wounds. Additional advantages, such as a reduction in wound exudate, malodour, and pain, as well as the stimulation of new tissue growth, were noted.