Journal articlesDispelling the myths of Lindsay Leg Clubs®

Dispelling the myths of Lindsay Leg Clubs®

01/06/10 | Societies | Trudie Young, Christine Moffatt, Alistair McInnes, Jackie Stephen-Haynes, Jackie Griffin, Mary Rose Fawkes, Michael Clark

The Lindsay Leg Club® model is an alternative to traditional leg ulcer clinics. Within the Lindsay Leg Clubs, people with lower leg problems become members of a Club they themselves own with their care delivered within the Club by NHS staff. A randomised controlled trial demonstrated higher healing rates and an improved quality of life for clients receiving care with this method of service delivery compared to traditional care models (Edwards et al, 2009). This social model of care is available through 20 Lindsay Leg Clubs within the UK and has, sadly, been subject to a raft of misconceptions. The purpose of this debate is to answer some of the most common myths surrounding the Lindsay Leg Clubs, and so perhaps help healthcare professionals and potential Lindsay Leg Club members to see the value of this model as a component within the NHS’s delivery of safe, effective lower leg care.