Journal articlesComparing Tena Wash Mousse with Clinisan Foam Cleanser: the results of a comparative study

Comparing Tena Wash Mousse with Clinisan Foam Cleanser: the results of a comparative study

01/09/08 | Products | Pam Cooper, David Gray, Fiona Russell

Background: As people age, their skin becomes increasingly vulnerable and sensitive and maintaining its integrity can be a daily challenge. Incontinence, in particular, can have a serious impact on the integrity of healthy skin and becomes a real challenge.

Aims: This study compares two regimens used in the cleansing of skin following episodes of incontinence.

Methods: Patients from a care of the elderly and rehabilitation centre were assessed three times over a 14-day period while being treated with either Tena Wash Mousse (n=13) or Clinisan Foam Cleanser (n=14). Photographs of the peri-amal area were taken at each assessment and were blindly assessed by three experts and the condition of the skin graded according to the skin assessments and the European Pressure Ulcer Panel. Cost of treatment was also assessed.

Results: In both groups, the skin integrity assessments were consistent throughout, with no deterioration in either group. From initial to final assessment, the numbers of patients with healthy intact skin in both groups had increased. When comparing cost the larger size canister of Tena Mousse was found to be cheaper.

Conclusion: The use of a routine skin cleansing regimen, incorporating a cleanser with a recognised pH balance as opposed to soap and water, can optimise skin integrity.

Conflict of interest: This study was funded by SCA Hygiene.