Journal articlesComing together within the tissue viability nurses community and beyond

Coming together within the tissue viability nurses community and beyond

29/06/17 | Service delivery | Jacqui Fletcher, Karen Ousey

Summer is here and while most people will be looking forward to their well-earned holidays, this is also a time for reflection following the atrocities in Manchester and London. We witnessed all emergency services working collaboratively, caring for those injured and their families. We are living in uncertain times where it is vital to have a health service that is able to react quickly and efficiently to emergency incidents. The magnitude of an interdisciplinary approach to acute and traumatic wound management was exemplified during these horrific incidents. The paramedics were expected to manage bleeding, cover wounds and make people as comfortable and stable as possible prior to transfer to the local hospitals. This made us think about the relationship between paramedics and tissue viability specialists. Do paramedics liaise regularly with these specialists? Do tissue viability specialists and podiatrists with a specialist interest in tissue viability invite paramedics to study days or multidisciplinary team meetings? Perhaps now is the time to include this profession in many of our activities and review the dressings, compression and bandages that each ambulance crew is able to access.