Journal articlesCase series evaluation of a silver non-adherent dressing

Case series evaluation of a silver non-adherent dressing

01/06/11 | Acute wounds, Education, Infection, Wellbeing and concordance | Thomas, Mohammed Hamdan, Sharon Hailes, M

Dressing adherence contributes to pain and trauma at dressing change, and dressing fibres left in wounds can potentially prolong inflammation.

Aims: To evaluate the efficacy of Silvercel® Non-Adherent dressings on various wound types. Methods: Silvercel Non-Adherent was applied to 26 patients with either systemic or locally infected wounds, critically colonised wounds or wounds at high risk of developing infection, i.e. those with a history of recurrent infection or known associated comorbidities. The dressing was applied for up to 12 weeks or until clinically indicated. Comprehensive wound assessment was performed every 1–2 weeks. Results: 16 patients’ wounds decreased in size, with six achieving complete healing during or within two weeks of completing the evaluation. 16 patients remained free of infection. The majority of patients experienced no pain or decreased pain. There were no reports of (visible) fibre shedding and only two patients experienced an episode of dressing adherence. Conclusions: Silvercel Non-Adherent dressings have the potential to affect positively the outcome of infected, critically colonised, or high risk wounds of various aetiologies when used in conjunction with standard of care, and to minimise pain at and between dressing changes.
Conflict of interest: The case series was supported with an unrestricted grant from Systagenix Wound Management, Gargrave, UK.