Journal articlesAn investigation of Cutimed Sorbact as an antimicrobial alternative in wound management

An investigation of Cutimed Sorbact as an antimicrobial alternative in wound management

01/06/08 | Products | G Kammerlander, E Locher, A Suess-Burghart, B von Hallern, P Wipplinger

Keywords: Cutimed, DACC, chronic wounds

Background: Antimicrobial dressings play a major role in the effective management of both acute and chronic wounds. The study featured in this article investigates whether the use of a new dressing, which incorporates the principle of hydrophobic interaction, offers an effective form of antimicrobial management in chronic wounds.

Aims: This study aimed to assess the efficacy of Cutimed® Sorbact® (BSN medical Ltd, Hull) in the management of chronic wounds.

Methods: A 116-patient multi-centre European study was used.

Results: The study results demonstrate that 81% of patients with an infected wound received effective treatment using the new dressing. Twenty-one per cent of patients’ wounds healed during the study and a further 72% showed an improvement in wound healing. Reductions in wound pain were reported and both patients and healthcare professionals reported the dressing as being easy to use. A range of secondary dressings were used during the study and no compatibility issues were reported. The principle of hydrophobicity in dressings offers an alternative to the use of established antimicrobial products.

Conclusions: The adaptability of a bacterial binding product offers a great deal to healthcare professionals involved in the management of wounds and should be considered a welcome development

Conflict of interest: This study was performed in response to the application and request of the Academy for Certified Wound Management and was subsequently sponsored by BSN medical GmbH (Hamburg)