Journal articlesAn evaluation of Allevyn Adhesive foam dressing

An evaluation of Allevyn Adhesive foam dressing

01/03/09 | Products | Sylvia Leonard, Pat McCluskey, Steven Long, Violet Butters, Rachael Winter, Gary Smith

Aims: A clinical in-market evaluation on 197 patients was carried out to assess the performance of the improved range of Allevyn hydrocellular foam dressings in clinical practice. The aim was to provide an insight into the uses and performance of the products in a clinical setting and on multiple indications.

Methods: This evaluation took place in 13 centres across five European countries. Patients were entered into the evaluation after the decision to treat with the evaluation products was made. Patients were treated according to the product instructions and standard local practice. Data was collected at every dressing change until healing or until treatment with the evaluation products was discontinued.

Results: Dressings were classed as satisfactory in terms of absorbency at 93% of dressing changes and were classed as acceptable for the indication treated for 96% of patients. For 92% of patients clinicians rated the dressings as satisfactory or exceeding expectations with regard to progress of the wound, and for 96% of patients regarding dressing durability. For 66% of patients clinicians stated that the evaluation dressings were improved in terms of absorbency in comparison with the previous range.

Conclusions: The results of this study show that the improvements made to this foam dressing have translated into real clinical outcomes across a number of parameters, particularly in terms of clinician satisfaction.

Conflict of interest: This study was carried out by Smith & Nephew as part of an in-market evaluation.