Journal articlesAdvancing the gold standard in offloading the diabetic foot

Advancing the gold standard in offloading the diabetic foot

11/05/15 | Diabetic foot ulcers | Emily Sambrook, Tom Delpierre, Graham Bowen

Providing gold standard diabetic foot care is vital in order to reduce rising NHS costs of ulceration and amputation (Kerr, 2012). Offloading is key to preventing and healing plantar neuropathic foot ulcers in patients with diabetes. Total contact casting (TCC) is recommended as a first-line option for offloading; however, TCC is widely under-utilised and has poor patient adherence rates (Fife et al, 2010). TCC-EZ® is a casting device that can help to offset some of the challenges of TCC, as it is simpler to apply and found to be more comfortable than traditional TCC. This article will provide practical guidance and case studies to illustrate how TCC-EZ can be incorporated into gold standard diabetic foot care. As TCC is the gold standard, all suitable patients with diabetes should be assessed for the use of TCC-EZ and, if appropriate, this should be provided.