Journal articlesA clinical in-market evaluation of ActivHeal® Foam Contact dressing

A clinical in-market evaluation of ActivHeal® Foam Contact dressing

01/03/13 | Exudate Management, Products, Research | Sue Johnson, Pam Spruce

Background: A clinical in-market evaluation of 10 patients was carried out to assess the performance of the ActivHeal Foam Contact dressing in clinical practice. Aim: The primary objective was to assess the clinical performance of the dressing in providing the optimum environment for healing. The secondary objectives were to evaluate the performance ofthe productin use, including ease of application and removal and patient and clinician satisfaction, and to estimate potential costsavings, including dressing cost, additional consumables and clinician time. Methods: This evaluation was undertaken by the Doncaster and Bassetlaw NHS Foundation Trust Wound Care Service. Patients were entered into the evaluation afterthe decision to treat with ActivHeal FoamContact was made and were treated according to the product instructions and standard local practice.Datawere collectedat everydressing changeuntilhealingoruntilthe treatment with the product was discontinued. Results: ActivHeal Foam Contact performed well with respect to fluid handling and durability, even under compression. The clinical performanceofthedressingmetclinicians’expectationsofafoamdressing.Thedressing addresses patients’ needsin terms of easy application and removal, prevention of leakage and wound progression.Conclusion: The ActivHeal Foam Contact dressing performed well. Clinicians in the NHS are under pressure to reduce costs while delivering quality clinical outcomes, and the ActivHeal Foam Contact dressing can support this.