Journal articlesA case study evaluation of Safetac® dressings used for paediatric wounds

A case study evaluation of Safetac® dressings used for paediatric wounds

01/06/09 | Products | Frans Meuleneire

Background: Wounds of paediatric patients provide a variety of unique challenges to wound care practitioners, not least the pain and sensitivity associated with the use of some of the dressings used in their management. In order to provide the best treatment options, these challenges need to be identified and overcome by using the most appropriate dressings and treatment regimens available.

Aims: To evaluate the effect of introducing Mepilex® Border Lite (Mölnlycke Health Care), an absorbent foam dressing with Safetac® technology, in the management of paediatric wounds.

Methods: Case report data from an observational study that was undertaken on paediatric patients with a variety of wound types are presented.

Results: The introduction of dressings with Safetac was associated with significant reductions in pain severity compared with the levels reported with a variety of other dressings that had been previously used. Mepilex Border Lite was also found to have good handling characteristics when used on paediatric wounds.

Conclusions: Their ability to minimise dressing-related pain and their handling characteristics makes dressings with Safetac an ideal choice for treating wounds and skin injuries of paediatric patients.

Conflict of interest: This study was funded by Mölnlycke Health Care.