WEBINAR — PART 1: Best practice for the holistic management of venous leg ulcers: Dispelling the myths

12th September 2017, WEBINAR

The first Wounds UK webinar of 2017, which focuses on the recently launched best practice statement on holistic management of venous leg ulceration. The best practice statement was developed to meet the needs of UK clinicians and patients, it provides a clear treatment pathway to promote consistent best practice which includes assessment, diagnosis, management and prevention of recurrence along with real-world solutions that are achievable in the current climate and challenge the myths that underpin ritualistic practice.

Download your copy here:

Learning points:

PART ONE: assessment and wound bed preparation – adopting new guidelines.

· Introduction to new best practice statement

· Accurate diagnosis – what’s expected?

· Executing a comprehensive wound and skin assessment using ‘TIMES’ model