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Bradford (University of Bradford)


Courses at the University of Bradford

The Tissue Viability modules at The University of Bradford have recently been updated in line with knowledge and skills required by the busy clinically based health care practitioner without compromising on the quality of the modules.


The University of Bradford offer three degree level modules including:

  • Interventions in limiting pressure damage
  • Interventions in wound management
  • Interventions in leg ulcer management

Each are awarded 20 credits at level 3 together they form the Certificate of Tissue Viability and can form part of the BSc provision the modules can be studies individually, sequentially or concurrently the modules start each September and run over two semesters.

The University of Bradford also run a Masters level module Wound debridement. This module enables the practitioner to enhance their practice and is based on the TVNA recommendations and in line with NICE guidance.

From 2008 the Tissue Viability courses will be run at M level where a variety of modules will be available to ensure the advanced practitioner with an interest in wound care will be able to choose the most appropriate pathway to achieve Masters degree.

The courses are led by a team of nationally recognised experts and is part of Bradford Wound Healing Unit ensuring the information is up to date and linked to current evidence, guidance and practice.


University staff includes:
Kath Vowden, Nurse Consultant Acute and Chronic Wound Care
Jane Collins previously a Tissue Viability Nurse
Jackie Lisle previously a Tissue Viability Nurse

Pathway and module leaders:

University of Bradford