Best Practice StatementsBest Practice Statement: Gauze-based negative pressure wound therapy

Best Practice Statement: Gauze-based negative pressure wound therapy

Complex wounds, Products | David Gray, Fiona Russell, John Timmons, Pam Cooper

This Best Practice Statement has been developed in an attempt to take the first steps towards reaching a consensus on the use of gauze-based negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT). This technique, also known as the Chariker-Jeter method, was first published almost 20 years ago (Chariker et al, 1989), but it has only recently been acknowledged and used as a wound healing modality. The recent availability of gauze-based NPWT systems has sparked interest in the technique and it is now being used more frequently in clinical practice. As a result, it is expected that more evidence to support its use in a variety of wound types will become available in the near future. However, until such evidence is available, there is a need to provide clear and concise guidance to clinicians wishing to use this technique in order to enable them to deliver optimal care to their patients.