Best Practice StatementsBest Practice Statement: Eliminating pressure ulcers

Best Practice Statement: Eliminating pressure ulcers

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Best Practice Statement: Eliminating pressure ulcersThe Best Practice Statement: Eliminating pressure ulcers uses the latest literature, including international, national and regional guidelines to provide information that reflects current best practice,as well as the expert opinion of a team of specialists. During the peer review process, practitioners from the UK have been invited to comment on the various drafts. Their expertise has been sought to cover best practice across a range of specialities and care settings. This aims to support the ongoing work to update regional, national and international guidance and provides practical advice to support clinical decision making in both the acute and community care settings.



This document aims to provide clinicians with best practice guidance in four key areas of pressure ulcer prevention, namely:

  • Screening and risk assessment
  • Pressure ulcer prevention strategies
  • Preventing pressure ulcers in surgical patients
  • Preventing pressure ulcers in neonates and paediatric patients.

In addition, it aims to provide up-to-date information on recording incidence and the challenges faced by clinicians in measuring pressure ulcers. 


This independent document was made possible by an educational grant from Smith & Nephew