Best Practice StatementsBest Practice Statement: Effective exudate management

Best Practice Statement: Effective exudate management

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Best Practice Statement: Effective exudate managementThe aim of this Best Practice Statement is to provide relevant and clinically useful information to guide those managing highly exuding wounds.

Effective exudate management can reduce time to healing, reduce dressing change frequency and nurse input, thereby optimising healthcare efficiency. Appropriate choice of wound dressing and involvement of the patient in the plan of care can help to eliminate exudate-related problems.

This best practice document focuses on:

  • The role of exudate in wound healing and why it may become a problem
  • Effective assessment of exudate and the role of standardised assessment tools
  • How to manage exudate, including the importance of appropriate dressing selection
  • The impact of exudate on quality of life and patient wellbeing and how to promote concordance with treatment plans.

The document has been supported by 3M Healthcare